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A Guide to Orthodontics

Having straight teeth is just one perk to having a confident smile. Less gum problems and easier to clean teeth are one of the perks when teeth are properly aligned. Teeth that aren’t aligned properly can lead to headaches, but also speech problems. There also can be a negative impact on a person’s ability to eat if their teeth are misaligned. Teeth that are straight and healthy can lead to confidence, a big smile, and a boost in health. The only problem with attaining straight teeth is wearing braces for many years. The orthodontic field, thankfully, has made tremendous leaps when it comes to teeth straightening choices rather than just sticking with old-fashioned dental braces.

Braces, for example, are unappealing because they are visible and unattractive. Ceramic braces can provide a different option to traditional braces. These type of braces match the color of teeth, and thus, they are far less noticeable. To prevent staining and discolor, which can happen if ceramic braces aren’t cared for properly, listen to an orthodontist’s instructions.

Traditional braces can also cause a bit of pain and discomfort. When the dental braces are tightened, it puts a large amount of pressure on the teeth that is uncomfortable. Another type of dental brace system, one that doesn’t use ties, is a bit more popular. Routine tightening with regular braces isn’t need with these type of braces because teeth is gently aligned over time. Effective as traditional braces, there is less discomfort when it comes to these type of braces because the straightening process is gradual and gentle.

The new and exciting alternative to traditional braces in orthodontics is Invisalign. In nine months or less, Invisalign can straighten teeth by using their nearly invisible aligners. After wearing the aligners for about two weeks, the orthodontist will replace them with a new set to carry on with treatment. The aligners help straighten the teeth slowly without any of the pain and discomfort that is associated with old-fashioned dental braces.

Invisalign can offer a more appealing process because the aligners are far more comfortable and invisible. [Visits to the orthodontist, which is to only ensure the Invisalign treatment is working properly, are far less frequent compared to having conventional dental braces. A major advantage of Invisalign is being able to remove the aligners when you need to eat, or brush your teeth. Now that there is no hassle in daily tasks such as eating and brushing, the Invisalign aligners should and can be removed for those type of daily tasks.

No longer uncomfortable, Orthodontics has gone a long distance from the old-fashioned dental braces and headgear. There is always a list of pros and cons with every alignment treatment to consider. An orthodontist will help steer you in the right direction to fit your needs. The goal with whichever treatment you chose should end with a beautiful smile.

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